All About Self Storage Kiosks

Jon Fesmire | May 23, 2019 @ 7:39 AM

The best self storage companies know how important it is to keep up with new technology. Finding self storage near you has transitioned from looking in the Yellow Pages to looking online. On-site technology has also adapted to make automated self storage and unassisted move-ins possible.

The Advent of Self Storage Kiosks

One technology that many facilities now embrace is the self storage kiosk. When you visit a facility, you may find one embedded into the wall, or a free-standing kiosk. Either can make your business dealings there easier.

Yes, at most storage facilities you will still be able to sign up for a unit by talking to the self storage manager at the desk, but what if they’re especially busy? What if it’s after hours and you want to ensure you get a specific unit? Using the kiosk can make it possible to choose a unit, sign a lease, select insurance options and get moved in without assistance.


Self storage kiosks are there to make renting a unit as smooth as possible. Usually the company will keep them up 24-hours a day for customer convenience.

While kiosks are usually open 24 hours a day, keep in mind that most facilities are not. Suppose you have a bunch of boxes ready to go into a storage unit. You want to get up early on Saturday, get them into storage, then go about the rest of your day. However, you don’t have a unit yet, and during the week you work late hours. After work on Friday, you can head to a facility with a kiosk, pick out your unit, rent it, and be ready to head in the next morning with your boxes. One time-saving option is to rent a storage unit at a facility that use the nokē® Smart Entry System from Janus. This automated access control allows you to open your storage unit with your phone.


You can do a lot at a self storage kiosk. For example, you can take a virtual tour of the facility, see what units are available, and reserve or rent a unit right there. You may be able to look at photographs of the facility. Kiosks generally use touch screens, so it’s easy to navigate menus and sign lease documents on the screen.

You can sign up for insurance on your stored belongings at the kiosk, and even change the level of insurance.

If you’re an existing customer, a kiosk can allow you to set up autopay or pay your rent.

The kiosk may have a FAQ page you can access for your questions. If your question isn’t covered, you may be able to connect to a call center to ask a live person.

The Storelocal Tenant™ Interface

Many self storage companies in the Storelocal self storage co-op are using the Storelocal Tenant™ Interface. While technically not a kiosk, this new technology has most of the same functions.

You’ll find the interface on counters at various storage facilities. It consists of a large touch screen with a card reader. Like a kiosk, new and old tenants alike can use it for smooth, paperless transactions.

Our interface gives all new tenants the information they need to get started, including unit rental options. They can see available units and amenities, reserve or rent a unit, sign the lease agreement, sign up for insurance, and gain access to the new unit via integration with the nokē® Smart Entry System from Janus. There are also size-guide videos to help you choose a storage unit. This is designed to be a collaborative experience that makes it possible for you to go through the self storage rental process on your own or side by side with the help of a manager.

“The purpose of the tenant of the interface is to create a more modern self-storage transaction and to move the manager from behind the counter to next to the customer.” says Travis Morrow, Vice President of National Self Storage.

Whether you use an outdoor kiosk or the Storelocal Tenant™ Interface, you’re bound to have an easier, smoother self storage experience in the years to come.